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Ikes Absolute Blue VS
MFTHBA Reg #13-99361
Paul Carnes from Chesapeake, Virginia
On the beach at the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Gold Digger V.S. MFTHBA Reg# 14-100149

Pastor Ralph Gaines from McCool Junction, Nebraska
Purchased General Ikes Gold Digger V.S. MFTHBA Reg# 14-100149
"I and Gold Digger both are doing really great. I road Gold Digger for the second time since I have had her here and I had a blast Monday afternoon.
She is so awesome, and she loves the place where I board her, Did I say I really love her!! Everyone who see Gold Digger just love her. I tell them you can look but don't touch. LOL!!"



Ikes Yankee General

Sending you a picture of Ike at the nursing home, very well behaved for a 5 year old.   Yes it was his first time ,but why take a old horse .  The young ones have to learn also...  .  His gait is very smooth,  I really like him .

Congratulation's to Joan from Osceola, Wisconsin on her purchase of Reno Red!!!

Our time at Brushy Creek was amazing.  We got there after dark and were met by wonderful staff that checked us in, signed us up for breakfast and backed my horse trailer into the spot!

The riding is beautiful, we followed trails, got a little lost and enjoyed the Ozarks!

The food at the lodge is reasonable and delicious!

The second time we came there was a little snow.  We went to the John Wayne room to relax, read and enjoy the beautiful accommodations. 

The horse I purchased from George and Joann is a dream come true!  Willing, curious, strong, athletic and the smoothest horse I have ever ridden.  His breeding is beyond exceptional, however he is a horse that has had love from the beginning, this shows in his personality.

First one to come to say “hi” to strangers.  Some day I hope to have him be a therapy horse, for now he and I will continue to travel and trail ride the midwest because he is a horse I can trust from breeders that i trust.

Just back from a trip to the Black Hills near Nemo SD.
Casey (Reno Red) was superb!
He goes slow down steep trails and will gait out with the Tennessee Walkers we ride with when needed.
He loads, trailers, stalls, leads, and rides like a dream.
I have found my forever horse!

MFTHBA REG#12-98284
Outstanding 4 year old blue papered sorrel gelding, he stands 14.3 hands. This horse has been ridden extensively and is used to a picket line, loves to be around people, very well mannered has a wonderful flat foot walk foxtrot and running walk, can't say enough great things about this gelding!!!!

Congratulation's to Robin from Fayetteville, Arkansas on her purchase of General Ike's Golden Knight

I hope this email finds you and everyone else at Valley Springs and Brushy Creek well.  

I thought I would send a quick update on how Kit is doing. I'm sure that Johnnie has been wondering how he's doing. He's fine Johnnie!! He misses you! 

Kit is doing absolutely fantastic. The trainers (husband and wife) fell in love with him. They couldn't stop talking about how smart he is and the great foundation that he had. He picked things up so quickly! After 3 days he had already passed me in what I learned in 5 weeks. The wife said to me on Saturday that Kit is really gaining confidence on the ground. She said with the confidence he has with a rider in the saddle and the confidence on the ground he's going to be one amazing horse. They can't stop talking about how great he is. They told me today before we left that he was one of the best horse they've had in for training. The husband said to me one day that "the horse is a reflection of its owner; the previous owners and trainer must be some really great people!"

   Robyn Sapp's photo.

General Ikes Golden Knight (Kit) and I participated in the Clinton Anderson 3 day Fundamental Clinic in Cleveland, MO this past weekend. Clinton is not a fan of gaited horses. However, Kit changed his mind …

Clinton said he was the "sexiest gaited horse I think I've seen in my entire career". And then he found out he is only 3 years old. His response: "He's only 3?! That's amazing!"


The next day I was in Clinton's group doing rollbacks. His comments: "Oh shit! Did you see that rollback?!?! I didn't know gaited horses could turn like that. I've been underestimating them (gaited horses)." When we were done with the exercise Clinton came over to talk to me about what I was doing wrong and how to improve. He gave Kit a hug and two kisses. As he walked away his comment was "that's the nicest gaited horse I've seen probably ever."

When Clinton gave me my certificate at the end of the clinic he said that he loved my horse and gave him another hug.

I had several people comment on my horse. Lots of people were shocked that he was only 3. One lady even asked if he was for sale.

Changing Clinton's mind about gaited horses … priceless!!!

Thanks Valley Springs Foxtrotters for a great horse!! I can't wait to see what we do next!!

As you can see Clinton really liked Kit!!


Congratulations to Becky and Clarice from Belton,Mo. on their purchase of Ike's Man of Color and River's Traveling Charmer!! 

  Update on the boys, we had a week long trail ride at Big Creek Oct 3-10.

Another weekend at Eagle Ranch 0ct 16-18 and again 23-24. Been riding a lot since we got them. Found a couple of good places where we can gait a lot for quiet a ways and they couldn't be better. They seem to be enjoying it too. We love them so much! Just wanted to let you all know all is well!

              Pam and Lucky  

 Congratulations to Jerry and Pam  from Litttle Rock, Arkansas on their purchase of High Rollers Good Luck Charm and Sensation's Corona Gold VS

Here's a pic of Lucky and I at the Ferndale Christmas parade last weekend. He was awesome! Fire trucks, antique cars with crazy horns, a big black SWAT mobile, floats, etc. He was great! There were 11 of us gals riding.




MFTHBA REG#00-64671
Beautiful blue papered 16 year old chestnut gelding, stands 15.2 hands. He has an excellent handle, side passes, neck reins, parks out. Naturally gaited with a great flat foot walk and foxtrot, will go anywhere you point him and would be great for anyone looking for a using horse.                      


Congratulation's to Judy from Pineville, Missouri on her purchase of Pillow Talk

  MFTHBA REG#07-92401

Extremely well bred 8 year old chestnut mare, stands 15.1 hands. This mare has a great flat foot walk, very smooth foxtrot, will go anywhere you ask her to go. Has excellent ground and trail manners, would be great for any level of rider!!!

Congratulation's to Jim and Rusty from Arlington,
Texas on their purchase of Sierra!!!

MFTHBA REG#12-98541

Georgeous 3 year old blue papered buckskin mare stands a little over 14.3 hands, has 5 months trail training and we are continuing with her training. She has a wonderful disposition, easy to catch, shoe, load, clips and is great with the farrier. She is very naturally gaited with a flat foot, foxtrot and running walk. Very nice mare!!                          __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Congratulation's to Gary from Naples, Florida on his purchase of Dinero!!

TWHBEA REG#21203176/BL
4 Year old black Tennessee Walker gelding, stands 15.1 hands, grandson of Jose' Jose' and Coin's Hard Cash. He is a forward moving horse, with an excellent ride but will come back down to a slow walk if that is what you want to do.  Has a great disposition, extremely sure footed no pace,


Congratulation's to Tammy from Palmer, Alaska on her purchase of Stormy!
Reds Secret Storm

MFTHBA Reg#08-96688
Sire-Top Secret xx Dam-Pride's Fancy Red Lady
Really nice 7 year old stocky built gelding, stands 15 hands, have been trail riding him for the past year, he has a great flat foot walk, foxtrot and running walk, great disposition


Eraser's Trace                                                                    FRANKS PUZZLE
   dickproctorandtrace  franks puzzle

   MFTHBA Reg#01-71616   
Sire: Patriots Eraser xx Dam:-Missouri's Bay Angel K.
 Really nice 15 year old Sorrel gelding, stands 14.2 hands. He has a great disposition, very naturally gaited with a Flat Foot walk and foxtrot you could ride all day. He is great for the farrier, neck reins, backs, follows or leads trail rides, anyone would get along great with this gelding!!!

MFTHBA REG#03-77734
Beautiful blue papered 13 year old grey gelding, stands 14.3 hands.  He is very well broke and safe, good ground manners, loads great, very naturally gaited with a flat foot walk and running walk.  He will take care of you on the trail.

Aces Bee Bop Alula

MFTHBA Reg#11-97335
Sire: Royal Ace M. xx Dam: Sensational Bee Bop

 Beautiful blue papered 5 year old buckskin mare, stands 15 hands.
She has over 12 months trail riding time, awesome disposition, neck reins, side passes, backs, will lead a trail ride or will do great in the back to.
She learns quickly, will go anywhere you point her, excellent mare!!______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

.Shades of Lace
Congratulations to Francine from Vandalia, Michigan on her purchase of Ikes Shades of Lace!!!!



Spike and Gator    Gator and Spike wedding  Raquel

Hi Everyone, 

Attached are the photos I have been saying I would send.  

The picture, "Gator and spike_wedding" is a picture of these two as we rode them in for my wedding. We rode in to  the theme song, "Bonanza". The horses did wonderful, Spike was of course very excited as usual. Neither one of them had any issues with the crowd, the people clapping or all the benches. We just love these horses so much and are impressed every day with how incredible they are. Every person and vet that has ever met Spike and especially Gator, can't get over how sweet they are. They are not only beautiful and sweet, but they are incredibly smart.  

The other two pictures are from a trip we go on every year to a dude ranch in Colorado called, Rainbow Trout Ranch. In these pictures they are in the back country of the San Juan Wilderness in Colorado. It is a hard all day ride, Spike and Gator of course had no issues with it. They were at least  half a mile ahead of all the quarter horses due to their very smooth and comfortable gate. Poor Cracker, our quarter horse had to trot and at times lope just to keep up with their gated walk. 

 We love them and could not be happier with them!!  

All The Best,

Raquel and the rest of the Isely family.  

Bling Bling and Carol Bye     

Took Breezy to Shawnee in The Fall.  She is an awesome trail horse. I took her to Tennesee this Spring to wear her out.  Hadn't been on her since November so she was READY to go.  That's my breezy.  Her foundation training kicks in and she behaves, she behaves.

Love her.  Say hi to everyone 

Finally, pic of me on my horse.  Took her on some challenging trails in prairie du chien on the Illinois Iowa border.  She made good choices and is really doing well on picking up a nice four beat gait.   So happy with her. 


Just back from Hocking Hills, OH.  Breezy is filling out as a 5 year old and doing awesome.


Carol Bye


Carol Bye and Knight Riders Bling Bling 



A quick note to tell you how awesome Ranger is. You may recall I judge  AKC pointing dog hunt tests. That means there are dogs running in and  out of the cover and there are guns being used. In October I took Ranger, after having not been under saddle for a while loaded him in my trailer for the first time, walked right in, and went to a Hunt Test. I did not judge on Saturday but did take him out to Marshall the gallery. The dogs running all around startled him at first and he quickly figured out they weren't coming at him they were just going by  him. I rode him away from the other horses -- another "no big deal" for him.  Loads back in the trailer for a repeat on Sunday, when I am  judging. The test would be a 12 gauge fired in the field as I am judging. He was great!!   He is so well mannered. Adjusts his speed to walk behind the handlers who are on foot, doesn't care if the other horses leave him, stands quiet tied to the trailer.  You would have thought he had been doing this all his life. He hasn't encountered anything that has ever bothered him. He is such a great addition!


 Barb Shepard 


Hello Everyone at Brushy Creek and Valley Springs Foxtrotters:  Thanks for replying always so quickly.  I really want to send you a photo for the "horses sold".  I wish we had taken our camera to the mountains.   We call "Just a Dream"  "Dreamer".  My daughter in law named her.  She is so sweet...she just loves people.  I can hardly wait for fall when we can really get some riding locally.  I rode her 17-18 miles one day in the mountains.  She was going all the way.  She was the youngest horse and I was the oldest rider (69).  We both did so well.  Now I have a bring her back to Brushy Creek to visit  and ride.  It is a long drive but I think we can do it someday.  Jeannine

Hello:  I thought  you would like to know how well "Just a Dream" is doing.  She settled into our farm and our other three horses just fine.  She is a dream to ride.  We have finally had some decent weather and took her to the mountains camping.  Six of us rode together  in Monongalia National Forest.  She was the youngest horse. She was outstanding.  She leads great and really moves out but is very well behaved no matter where she is in line.  We are so pleased and we had such a great experience at Brushy Creek.  If ever we need another will see us.  Thanks to Johnny for great training and for the time he spend with us.  Thanks to everyone at Brushy Creek...all so friendly.  If only we were closer, you would see us more often.  Jeannine and Blair Ellison in West Virginia.


Michelle  & Misty Rose






I absolutely adore this mare. 

I have owned foxtrotters all my life, and I'm very particular about

horses, and she is exceeding my expectations.  Nothing bothers this

mare and she will go anywhere I ask her to go.  She is really moving

out nicely and is so very comfortable in her gaits.

 Thanks again for selling me this nice mare.


 Gail and Knight Riders Red Mercedesred mercedes

Big Time Kim & Jerry Weil purchased "Legend's Big Time"
Big Time went to Colorado for 2 weeks of daily riding and did very well.  Jerry is happy with him. He is a quick learner and a good traveler.  He is heading to Custer State Park in South Dakota in a couple of days for another week long adventure.


Shady Lady  Shady LadyShady Lady

Louise White, Denison, Tx- I am the owner of Rex's Shady Lady,
She is the best trail horse I have ever had, and my first gaited horse. She is SO solid! Nothing phases her and she can truly go all day. No other horses I have been around have her stamina, it is amazing. I think literally and figuratively, she has a bigger heart than most horses. We do a lot of mountain riding and she can just power up those mountains. I think I have  only seen her really tired once in the 8 years we've owned her, and we do some pretty challenging riding. Since we've owned her, we've taken trips with her and our other horse, Trixie, all over Texas, Missourri,Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Colorado. She is so strong and healthy, we have never had any health issues with her -she is always ready to go!!

I thought since you remembered her, and she is a product of your farm, you might get a kick out of knowing she is a bit of a celebrity! She has appeared in" Horse & Rider (April 05-center spread!, an article on gaited horses), Horse & Rider January 09 issue, Trail Rider Magazine (July/Aug 09, article on a trail camp in MO), and one other issue of Trail Rider, can't remember what year. I wrote the 2 articles for Trail Rider that she was in.


I have been very pleased with Fancy (Yankee's Fancy Affair).  She seems mature beyond her years.  We have been on three excellent trail rides.  It must be a combination of your breeding program, Johnny's excellent training and Diane's handling.  The stay at your facility was a pleasure as everyone including the Brushy Creek Resort staff was exceptionally accomodating.  Thanks again to Johnnie for patiently helping me find Fancy.....Sincerely Loretta Rowley 


Wanted to let you know how frequently we think of you and marvel at the amazing job you did on breeding and training our beautiful horses.  Right now we are near the 320 Ranch outside Yellowstone, the boys have now had a wide range of experiences with us..and yes they are "Awesome!"  It has been fun watching their personalities evolve & forming partnerships with them.  You folks were so on target when describing them!  Just have to hand it to you, in a world when there's a ton of landmines and booby traps you folks possess refreshing integrity and we are so happy with "Highrollers Black Ike" aka "Nate" and "Ikes Cowboy Decor" aka  "Cowboy!"  Our lives revolve around our horses, they are our work, pleasure and family, thank you very much!!...Charlene & Kent Krone


Star Attraction Star Attraction Star AttractionFinally here are some pics of "Star Attraction" (Cola) taken in Monument Valley, Ut.  We spent a week there riding with friends and our Navajo guide.  It was a fabulous experience, due in large part to "Cola" being such a pleasure.  She was perfect in every way!! Lin was absolutely thrilled with her the whole week.  There were about 25 riders, and "Cola" didn't care if she was in the front or the back or anywhere in the "crowd."  She acts way more mature than the three-year-old she is.  We sure do love her....Lin & Carol Stewart


"Knight Rider's Sammie" and "Dennis Friedrich" in Texas Trail Challenge...Here is the picture I had in the Texas Trail Challenge.  Hope it can work on your website. What a nice horse Glenna has...Dennis Friedrich  Also, picture of Dennis and "Sammie" in the July 2010 issue of "Ranch & Rural Living." 


 Just in case you were wondering how "Romeo" and Natalie were doing, they are both doing Fantastic, and so are "Timber" and Kristan.  Two very satistied customers I guess I need to get me my horse now!!! 
--Scott Eversman 


Quoting Vicki See : Ikes American Idol V.S. 


                                 So an update from me to you guys on my new girl. I think I am calling her Foxy. She is truly awesome! I have been riding her about a hour every other night. She comes running to greet me at the gate in her pasture when it time to come in for the night. She seems to like everyone she meets (people). We have went down the road been met by cars and barking dogs. Rode out in the cornfield when was pretty windy and corn was rattling, She has been out on rides with Magic, Cindys horse and my old appaloosa. She dosen't care who she goes with and is just as happy to lead as to follow. I love how well she stands for mounting, she dosen't move until I tell her to. I knew my farrier/trainer friend would have plenty to say about me getting such a young horse. Well she met her the other day and thinks she is beautiful and has a wonderful disposition. 

                                So please let everyone know its going great with her so far. I hope she stays this way forever! I will send you some pictures when we get some out on the trail. Thanks so much for all your help and great breeding and tell Johnny he has done a great job with her! Your friend Vicki See

We just got back from Custer State Park in South Dakota. Here is John on Sensations Black Magic (Magic) And myself on Ike's Midnight Serenade (Midnight). We had a wonderful trip with these horses we got from you and I just wanted to thank you all again for you help and understanding. These two are real keepers. Your friends Vicki and John See 


Brook Rode the Buffalo last weekend... Havana gets more amazing every ride! There is no price to put on a beautiful (and finally cooler) day (or two!) spent on a perfect horse and shared with good friends in one of nature's most beautiful settings!...Brooke Lamb


Cash and Suzanne I have ridden Cash every weekend with the Arkansas Trail Riders Association. Since he came back from training he is like a new horse. People keep commenting on how composed and calm he is. Hard to believe he is a 4 year old ex-show horse. Rode through a busy city park on a weekend, past Soccer games and Rollerbladers, he never missed a beat.  Am recommending your training program as a great Equine Investment ! ...Suzanne Hicks


I love "Major" Jerry! I have been using him as a field trial horse since I purchased him from you about a year ago. As you can see, he has been a great teammate in competition helping me handle my dogs to many wins! Major went to the Midwestern Vizsla Futurity championship with us and we took home a first place win with his help. He loves to go and he loves his job of field trialing dogs with us. He even lets a dog catch a ride on him with me sometimes! Major is everything you said he was and that he would be for me, thank you so much!  - - Allison Bell